Out of the Rabbit Hole.

It was a long and grueling winter with no end in sight, but we are finally free of it. I've been slacking on the updates but there will be more to come and more frequently! Until then, Let's enjoy this weather! 

Bikes, Boards, & Beers.

This past Saturday, I got to experience a different culture that is way bigger than I could've imagined. I've always ridden a skateboard so we all shared that, However I know absolutely nothing about motorcycles and was able to share that love and learn a little bit as well. Thank you all for the shared wisdom, beer, and tips on trying to skate pool coping. 

Thank you, Ride or Die Ohio for all the rad raffle prizes and the Award for Best Blindfolded trick (Yes, it was a double kickflip)

I'm gonna do my best to have a bike next year


A Quick Hello!

I’m not much of a writer so let’s just get into it. Welcome to the blog part of my site! This is where I’ll be sharing some of my most intimate thoughts and adventures. Stay tuned.


Here are a couple quick portraits of good friend (I actually shot this about a week ago).He's always motivating, and lending a hand in any way that he can so when he asked me to shoot a couple portraits of him after The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, I couldn't pass on the opportunity. 

My favorite thing about these is that I’ve always skated with him so it was rad to photograph him to show his other passion; his motorcycle. Well that, and its the first time i've ever seen him dressed up

 This is Tedd Cookerly of Columbus, Ohio.